Founded in 1992, NUS SAVE (Students Against Violation of the Earth) is the main environmental student group in NUS.


We work with the students and school offices of NUS to advocate for NUS to be an exemplary model for sustainability and action against climate change.


To date, we have initiated many campaigns such as the Plastic Bag Tax scheme, Project Box, Project Tumbler, Reusable Bag Library, Green Bazaar, Year-Round Textile Recycling Drives, Campus in a Tropical Rainforest, and the annual showcase NUS Goes Lite (NGL).

Through most of our initatives, SAVE advocates for a lighter ecological footprint through little actions in our daily lives, which has the most potential to be noticed by the people around us and spark conversations about the environment.

In light of the current climate crisis, we will be moving towards advocacy for more effective systemic changes, in collaboration with fellow green groups within and beyond the NUS community.


Some SAVE members at NUS Goes Lite 2019


  • Make eco-friendly choices accessible, visible and attractive to the general NUS audience
  • Effect behavioural change through meaningful and sustainable projects and campaigns
  • Provide support for the NUS community to actualize their green ideas on campus
  • Leverage on our passion and interest to expand green ideas, with the help of partnerships with stakeholders
  • ^ All for more effective, efficient & purposeful change that can tackle the current climate emergency


  • To be the leading youth group in Singapore that advocates for NUS to be an exemplary model for environmental sustainability.

Our Take on Effective Environmentalism

  • Passion and commitment
  • Understanding sentiments from ‘the ground’
  • Effective partnerships & collaborations


Our Supporters

Founding Partners

NEA Logo Full Colour


SW logo_HI RES
CDL Logo




Our Stakeholders

NUS logo full colour 4c


Friends of SAVE (Beyond NUS)

Key Campaigns We Support
Sustainable Singapore
Say Yes to Waste Less copy

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